Ten Soft Skills You Need

“Enhance your corporate success with essential soft skills. This course covers ten key interpersonal abilities crucial for thriving in the professional world.”


  • Course Objectives

Module 1:What Are Soft Skills?

  • Definition of Soft Skills

  • Empathy and the Emotional Intelligence Quotient

  • Professionalism

  • Learned vs. Inborn Traits

  • Knowledge Check

Module 2:Communication

  • Ways We Communicate

  • Improving Nonverbal Communication

  • Listening

  • Openness and Honesty

  • Knowledge Check

Module 3:Teamwork

  • Identifying Capabilities

  • Get Into Your Role

  • Learn the Whole Process

  • The Power of Flow

  • Knowledge Check

Module 4:Problem-Solving

  • Define the Problem

  • Generate Alternative Solutions

  • Evaluate the Plans

  • Implementation and Re-Evaluation

  • Knowledge Check

Module 5:Time Management

  • The Art of Scheduling

  • Prioritizing

  • Managing Distractions

  • The Multitasking Myth

  • Knowledge Check

Module 6:Attitude and work Ethic

  • What Are You Working For?

  • Caring for Others vs Caring for Self

  • Building Trust

  • Work Is Its Own Reward

  • Knowledge Check

Module 7:Adaptability/Flexibility

  • Getting Over the Good Old Days Syndrome

  • Changing to Manage Process

  • Changing to Manage People

  • Showing You’re Worth Your Weight in Adaptability

  • Knowledge Check

Module 8:Self-Confidence(Owning It)

  • Confident Traits

  • Self-Questionnaire

  • Surefire Self-Confidence Building Tactics

  • Build Up Others

  • Knowledge Check

Module 9:Ability to Learn

  • Wow, You Mean I’m Not Perfect?

  • Listen with an Open Mind

  • Analyze and Learn

  • Clear the Air and Don’t Hold Any Grudges

  • Knowledge Check

Module 10:Networking

  • Redefine Need

  • Identifying Others’ Interests

  • Reach Out

  • When to Back Off

  • Knowledge Check


  • Post Test

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